On offer are:
Website Editing/Develpoment
Online Marketing tool for your business which can link to your Social Media.
Graphic Design for Web and Print
Visual Communication to advertise your Business Brand.
Corporate Identitiy/Logo Designs
Promote your business by giving it a unique brand, particularly for Business Cards
Digital Photography
Photo's for Websites, Social Media or Leaflets/Flyers and Brochures.
Written content for your website, blogs or print media.
Social Media Pages
Promotional literature to be used as more traditional ways of marketing you business.
Business Marketing campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Prices may vary depending on the services you require, however a standard four page web site starts from £300 with extra pages costing £125 each.

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"Not to have an online presence for your business these days is basically saying that you don't want customers."
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Idia Mask: Photo by Andreas Praefcke



Ewe Kente Stripes, Ghana: ©


Kente Cloth:


Kitenge Attribution: I, Inisheer


African Waxprints Attribution: Alexander Sarlay


African Woman Purple Dress, Attribution: Noura Alswailem


African_Lace_VLM_04: ©


African_Lace_VLM_27: ©